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Mike Glukler of Briar Blues was actually the very first to order a pipe from this website. The pipe in question is pictured above, and this is his review of it:

Upon arrival of this pipe I shall offer a review. My judgment may be sligthly tainted already. The carvers Anders and Martin were very quick to reply to my order which IMHO is always an excellent sign. Also if Per Billhäll of Scandinavian Pipes is willing and did show these gents' pipes at the CORPS show you can bet the quality will be excellent. Plus that if you find that Bengt Carlson and Jan Andersson are putting an article about the carvers in the Swedish Pipe Club newsletter again you can bet the pipes are going to be superb. I am excited about getting this pipe in hand.


The first thing I must say is; the pictures on the makers' site do NOT do this pipe justice! The blast is not deep, but very refined and shows extremely fine grain. The rings are far more lively in person. Incredible in hand feel and balance. The pictures may indicate that the button is long, but it is not. Very comfortable and thin. The stem is hand cut black Ebonite and arrived polished like glass. The band is 925 sterling and carries stamps to indicate this. Engineering is top shelf. Passes a cleaner with ease. The air passage has a nice easy draw. I have smoked only half a bowl as I type this and can tell already this is going to become a great Virginia pipe. The first few puffs offered a hint of non-tobacco flavor, but this disappeared quickly and all I am tasting is tobacco! Very few pipes have I tried that reacted with a good taste this early. Bottom line; I am impressed! I can see why Per, Bengt, and Jan were also. I am going to watch these guys closely and I know there will be more in my future.


I have now enjoyed three bowls in the pipe and I can say wholeheartedly that the ONLY maker whose pipes have smoked this well so quickly are those I have owned by Peter Heeschen. Maybe the briar source was the same, I do not know. Maybe it was the virgin tobacco chamber, I do not know. Maybe it was the choice of older Virginia tobacco to get the cake going, I do not know. All I do know is that I do not want this pipe to stop smoking!!!

Michael J. Glukler, 2004