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About our pipes

All our pipes are made to provide the best possible smoking experience. The smoke channel is 4 mm in diameter. The diameter and depth of the tobacco hole itself is given in the description of the pipe in question.

The mouthpieces are made from high quality German ebonite rod. They are drilled with specially ground drills, to taper from 4 mm to 2,5 mm at the mouthpiece slit. The slit itself is 1,8 mm high.

We have been using briar from several different suppliers and locations, most notably Moroccoan briar bought from Tom Eltang. Lately, however, Tom hasn't been able to sell any briar, as he is himself looking for a new supplier. When for that reason we had to find someone else to buy from, we found in Italy. We have recently started using their briar and will probably continue to do so. Mimmo at Romeobriar not only supplies fine blocks, but gives unprecedented good service.

The reconstituted gemstone we occasionally have used as decoration, is a semi-synthethic material: Fragments of the stone in question are ground and mixed with acrylic, after which it is pressed into plates and rods. The material retains some of the features of the stone - weight and feeling cool to the touch - while it is as easy to work with as acrylic. So far, it has been used mostly by knifemakers and penmakers.

We do all of our silverwork ourselves, and the stamps we apply should be read as follows:

VNP - Our makers mark, registered at SWEDAC, the Swedish Board for Accreditation and Conformity Assessment.

M - City of manufacture, Malmö

925 - Sterling Silver (925/1000 parts pure silver)

E11 - Year of manufacture: 2003

F11 - Year of manufacture: 2004

G11 - Year of manufacture: 2005

H11 - Year of manufacture: 2006.