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About us

Some more information and photos can be found on Dr. Jörg Lehmann's fine site:

Martin Vollmer (left) and Anders Nilsson (right) are two brothers (Actually half-brothers, which explains our different family names) living in Malmö, Sweden. Malmö, the third largest city of Sweden, is located in the province of Scania in the very southernmost part of the country. Up until 1658, Scania was part of Denmark, and we still feel a close bond to our Danish neighbours. Indeed, Sixten Ivarsson, considered the father of modern Danish pipe-making, originally came from Scania.

While pursuing different careers, we have spent a great deal of our leisure time in the last couple of decades smoking, collecting, and making pipes. For some time we have been supplying pipes to friends and relations, and we now feel the time is right to embark on a career as professional pipemakers.

Jan Andersson and Bengt Carlson from the Pipe Club of Sweden has recently visited us, and the November issue of their magazine Smoke Rings features an article about us. The first public display of our products was at the CORPS show in Richmond, VA, USA, to which Per Billhäll of kindly brought a few of our pipes. The first time we ourselves showed our pipes was at the European Championships 2004 in Copenhagen, Denmark, where we had the chance to meet a lot of very nice people and heard quite a lot of encouraging comments on our work.

That's a very condensed story of our lives up until now. We'll see what happens next...