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The Pipe Club of Sweden - With information on Swedish pipemakers, and some interesting articles from their magazine Rökringar (Smoke Rings) about pipesmoking and pipemaking. In Swedish and English.

The Nordic Smoker's Guild - Includes a very good link collection. In Danish with summary in English.

The Chicagoland Pipe Collectors' Club - Organizers of the wonderful Chicago Pipe Show. - Probably the most complete collection of pipesmoking links on the Internet.

The ASP Homepage - The page associated with the newsgroup alt.smokers.pipes. Much interesting information.

Smoker's Forums - As the name implies, forums for smokers. Great site!



Scandinavian Pipes - Per Billhäll's site where he sells high-grade pipes - well worth a look! Some very interesting information on different pipemakers, too.

BriarBlues - Mike Glukler's site is most of the time shock-full with great pipes at great prices!

Smokers' Haven - This fine shop has served the smokers of Columbus, Ohio since 1940 and now also have a great website. Lots and lots of pipes, tobacco, cigars and accessories! - Your online source for High Grade Briar Tobacco Pipes and Pipe Accessories from around the world.

Pulvers' Briars - Formerly Sherlock's Haven, San Francisco. Marty Pulvers is not only a great guy, but as you will see from his pipe descriptions, also an incredibly funny one! 



Tom Eltang - Tom certainly needs no introduction, suffice it to say that he is truly one of the great Danes in pipemaking.

Love Geiger - The youngest of the Swedish pipemakers, Love has built quite a reputation for himself in the last years. His work has a very personal artistic touch.

Dura Semjaniv - We first met Dura when he had a tobacco shop in central Malmö in the early nineties. Now he lives in nearby Lund and makes beautiful pipes.

Ronny Thunér - The latest addition to the cadre of Swedish pipemakers, Ronny is very much his own man when it comes to pipe design, always brimming with creativity!

Rad Davis - One of the finest pipemakers in the U.S., and getting better all the time. Also a very nice guy.

Will Purdy - Everything we said about Rad Davis above is absolutely true about Will as well!

Brian Ruthenberg - Not only a great pipemaker and very nice guy, but also one of the funniest guys in the business.

Red Hat Pipes - Kjeld Sørensen is one of the newer Danish pipemakers, always experimenting with new shapes and ideas. 

Two Cousins Pipe Racks - Not your everyday old piperacks, these are wonderful little pieces of furniture, made to look like they had been around since your grandfather's days. 

G.L. Pease TobaccosOne of the best tobacco blenders anywhere. As you will see from his website, he is a great writer too - and don't miss his wonderful photos! Is there anything this guy can't do?

Chris' Pipe Pages - A great collection of old catalogs, brochures and ads. A wonderful reference site!

Pipendoge - Dr. Jörg Lehmann is a German collector, who on this site shows his wonderful pipe collection. It includes pipes from ALL Swedish pipemakers - including a Vollmer & Nilsson... Lots of information on pipemakers. In German with summary in English.



Romeo Briar - Mimmo at Romeo Briar is not only a great guy himself, he sells some very nice briar!

Nordell Knives - As the name implies, this company deals with all things related to knifemaking. Quite a lot of it is very useful for pipemaking, though!

Dieter Schmid Fine Tools - German company based in Berlin, selling some of the finest woodworking tools to be found anywhere. This is where we get "Matador" wet-n-dry, the best sanding paper we've tried.

Janzen Pfeifen - Pipemaking supplies. Based in Hamburg, Germany.  

Il Sacchetto - Pipe pouches in fine leather and other materials. This is where we get our beautiful pouches.

SEM - Schönberger Ebonite Manufaktur GmbH is a very new supplier of ebonite rod. From what we have seen so far, their product is very good and also competitively priced.



Homesick Mac - One of the finest acoustic blues guitarist in Europe, originally from Yugoslavia and now living in Helsingborg, Sweden. If you have any interest whatsoever in country blues, you must check this guy out!

Red Hot Jazz - Thousands of early jazz recordings in a streaming format, dealing mostly with jazz up to 1930. Wonderful resource!

Iceberg Radio - Dozens of internet radio channels in different genres. You're almost certain to find something to your taste here.

Free Albums Galore - Links to more than 600 free downloadable albums. Much of it seems rather obscure, but there are some real gems here.

The Folk Den - For several years now, Roger McGuinn has published a new recording of an old folk song here every month, complete with lyrics and all.

Thomas Edison's Attic - Bi-weekly show on free-form radio station WFMU. The curator of Thomas Edison's own record collection plays and talks about wonderful old recordings made between 1888 and 1929.

WBIX - Well over 100 radio-on-demand shows about jazz legend Bix Beiderbecke and his fellow musicians available for download. A must for anyone who loves 1920's jazz! - Lots of old phonograph cylinder recordings available for download, a new recording added every month.