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This is an unusual update, in that we have no new pipes to show. Still, there are quite a few other new things on the site, so an update seemed in order.

First of all, thank you to everybody who came over to our table at the Chicago Pipe Show, and an even bigger thank you to all the great people in the Chicagoland Pipe Collectors' Club, who work so hard to make the show such a wonderful event! For us, this year's show was special in that it was the first time we sold every pipe we brought! It was a great feeling going back home without having to bring any pipes back with us... 

We are also very happy to announce three new retailers:


Pulvers' Briar

Carmel Pipe Shop (no website)

Lincoln, South of Ocean

P.O. Box 401

Carmel, CA 93921, USA


Also, don't forget to check out our "old" retailers. You will find them listed on our Links page.


Speaking about the Links page, that has been revised and updated. Among the additions you will find links to some great free music resources. Music is very important to us, and from those links you'll get an inkling of the kind of stuff we listen to as we make our pipes...


We have added a fifth page to our Archive section. To us, it is such fun looking through all the pipes we have made so far - we hope you will find it at least mildly interesting, too!


Finally, we have added a pictorial description of the making of a pipe, entitled A Pipe Is Born. We hope you will enjoy it!


We hope to be back within some weeks with a proper update, with a few new pipes for sale. Until then, we wish you a great summer with lots of opportunities to enjoy your pipes!




Finally, a much belated update with seven new pipes added. See them here!

Don't forget to check in regularly at our retailers' sites for even more new pipes:



Smokers' Haven

Also check out Rob Cooper's auctions on eBay, as he occasionally features a V&N pipe:


We wish you all a great autumn/winter with lots of opportunities for pipesmoking!



A major update, with twelve new pipes. See them here!

We had a great time at the Danish Pipe Smoking Championships on March 19. Thank you to all who stopped by our table for a chat!

May 4-8, we will be at this year's Chicago Pipe Show. If you'll be there, be sure to come over to our table and say hello! We will leave on Thursday, May 4, and return home on the following Monday, May 8. We probably won't be able to answer any e-mails until after our return home on Tuesday, May 9.

Due to ridiculous amounts of spam, we have been forced to close down our Guestbook. We will leave it up for all to read, but you can't add any postings. Thank you to all who have signed it for all kind words and encouragement!

We have added a few more photos of our Workshop, including one of our dear friend and fellow pipemaker Bengt Carlson! 

In the latest edition of Piber & Tobak, the newsletter of The Nordic Smoker's Guild, there was a great feature article about us, written by Ib Fagerlund and Jakob Groth. For the benefit of those of you who don't read Danish, we have translated it into English. Read it here



Finally, a long overdue update with some new pipes added. See them here!

In October last year, as the Pipe Club of Sweden held its annual pipe auction at a restaurant in our neighbourhood, we invited the members of the club to visit our workshop. A splendid time was had by all! See some pictures from the event here. We only wish we had taken more photos, but we were too busy enjoying ourselves...


We have added a some new pipes to this website. See them here!

We had a wonderful time in Richmond! Thank you to all the nice people we talked to there, and especially to the members of C.O.R.P.S. for arranging a great event!

This coming weekend we will be at the Pipe World Cup in Poznan, Poland. If you'll be there, be sure to come up to our table and say hello!

Check out this week's V&N offering from Coopersark on eBay!

Take the opportunity to have a look at all the other fine pipes Coopersark is offering. 
Perhaps you will find the pipe of your dreams there, and with a bit of luck at a bargain price!


We will be at the CORPS Exposition & Celebration in Richmond, VA this weekend. We hope to meet some of you there! We will leave home on Sept. 28, and won't be back until Oct. 5. Thus we won't be able to answer any e-mails or phone calls until we're back.


Today we have added a few more pipes to our website. See them here!

Additionally, a few more are available from Mike Glukler at BriarBlues.

Welcome to check them out!

Well-known eBay vendor Rob Cooper (Coopersark) has agreed to occasionally put a few of our pipes up for auction on eBay. Check out the one that's up this week!

Take the opportunity to have a look at all the other fine pipes Coopersark is offering. 
Perhaps you will find the pipe of your dreams there, and with a bit of luck at a bargain price!


Five new pipes have been added to the site. See them here!

We had an absolutely wonderful time at the Chicago Pipe Show! Everybody was incredibly friendly and helpful in every way, and we made lots of new friends and connections. We've already decided that we will go there next year, too! Our heartfelt thanks to the Chicagoland Pipe Collectors Club for all their work in making such an event possible. 


Six new pipes have been added to the site. See them here!

May 13-15, we will be at this year's Chicago Pipe Show. We are really excited about going, and look forward to meeting a lot of nice people. If you'll be there, be sure to come over to our table and say hello! We will leave on Tuesday, May 10, and return home on the following Monday, May 16. We don't know if and to what extent we will be able to answer e-mail while we are away, but we'll do our best!  

We had a great time at the Danish Pipe Smoking Championships on March 13. We talked to a lot of friendly people and also sold a couple of pipes. We where very suprised and quite proud when we found out that the pipe we had donated was awarded as first prize in the pipe smoking competition! It was awarded to Mr. Mogens Poulsen, Slagelse, Denmark. We congratulate him on his victory and wish him good luck with the pipe!



Today we have added eight new pipes to this site. See them here!

Three more V&N pipes will soon be available at Mike Glukler's BriarBlues website. You can have a sneak preview here.

Recently we finished a pipe custom ordered by Mr. Jan Andersson, Hon. Secretary of the Pipe Club of Sweden, which he himself had designed. Our good friend and fellow PCoSw member Lennart Björklund added the finishing touch by engraving a beautiful monogram. Jan was very pleased with our interpretation of his design, and also states that the pipe smokes great from the very beginning. You can see the pipe here

German collector Dr. Jörg Lehmann has a fine website, that is a great reference on pipes and pipemakers. No lover of fine pipes should miss out on visiting this site! Recently he added an info-page about us, with biographies and photos of us and our workshop. The text is available in both German and English; scroll down the page for the English version.



This is the first entry in our "News"-section, where we will inform about what's new on this website, current events and what we are up to in the workshop. If you want to be notified via e-mail when this page is updated, sign up for our Newsletter!


V&N pipes at BriarBlues!

Mike Glukler of BriarBlues hasn't been selling pipes via his website for a while, but recently he started doing so again, a decision that all with an interest in fine pipes no doubt will applaud! We are proud to announce that he, amongst other great pipes, has a few Vollmer & Nilssons for sale. Check them out at BriarBlues!

While you're at it, why not take a look at Per Billhäll's Scandinavian Pipes, where he sells great pipes by many of the world's great makers - including some Vollmer & Nilssons...


V&N at the Danish Championship 2005!

We will show our pipes at the Pipe Show associated with the 27th Open Danish Championship in Pipesmoking in Copenhagen on the 13th March. If you will be present, be sure to come over and say hello!

The information flyer about this event contains our very first advertisement ever! It looks like this:


As we said, it is the first ad we ever made, so of course we are fiercely proud of it!


What's up in the workshop?

Just now we are putting the finishing touches to a bunch of new pipes, that will be added to this website in a few days time. Please check back - or sign up for our Newsletter!

Recently we have been buying a few nice estate pipes, including Barlings, Loewes and Comoys. We have started restoring them to good smoking condition. Working with old "London Made" pipes is a very good way to acquire a "feel" for the classical shapes... These pipes are mainly intended for our own use, but some of them might become available for sale, either on this website or on eBay.

We are also proud to announce that a couple of returning customers have placed custom orders with us, which we will start to execute in close cooperation with the buyers in the very near future.